RIDE 5 Announced by Milestone, Launches August 24th

ride 5

RIDE first debuted in 2015, and since then, it has become a staple title for fans of motorcycle racing. It may not be the biggest game in the world, but it has gone on to spawn numerous sequels, and it’s best known for its sumptuous visuals. Now, Milestone, the developer, has announced RIDE 5 and confirmed that the all-new title will launch on August 24th, 2023.

It has been more than two years since the last RIDE title surfaced, and Milestone has promised that RIDE 5 is a world away from what it has already created. In the words of the developer, RIDE 5 ‘will make your heart race at full speed.’

RIDE 5 Looks Good – But It Always Has

It’s servicing a niche, right? If you’re not interested in motorcycles or motorcycle racing, then it’s unlikely you’ll have ever come face-to-face with the RIDE franchise. But, rest assured, those that are fans of the series are well aware of how beautiful it looks on-screen.

If you were to see a clip of a recent RIDE game in the wild, you may be mistaken, believing it to be real-world footage – that’s how good these games tend to look on the surface. Check out this linked clip to see what I’m talking about.

Here’s the RIDE 5 trailer, uploaded recently by Milestone:

In a press release, Milestone promised great things for RIDE 5:

RIDE 5 promises to go beyond racing. Fans have always appreciated the vareity of bikes and tracks, as well as the lifelike graphgics, but this time we wanted to make it more personal. RIDE 5 will thus immerse players in a comprehensive world where they will live their own riding journey…

It’s exclusively a ‘new-gen’ title, and it’s reportedly going to boast cutting-edge procedural technology to encourage only the most breathtaking of environments. There’s a dynamic weather system on board, and according to the developers, RIDE 5 helps players to understand that ‘riding a bike is the essence of freedom, adrenaline, and audacity.’

It’ll be impressive if RIDE 5 lives up to the self-proclamation that it’s the most authentic riding simulation ever when it launches on August 24th.

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