Ganondorf’s Voice Actor Confirmed as Matthew Mercer

ganondorfs voice actor

Last night, the impressive final trailer for Tears of the Kingdom was released, and just hours later, Ganondorf’s voice actor revealed himself on social media – it’s Matthew Mercer. Following the trailer, which showcased a wide array of fresh content coming to the all-new Zelda adventure dropping on the 12th of May, fans became increasingly curious as to who was voicing Link’s nemesis, Ganondorf.

Matt Mercer – actor extraordinaire and host of one of the most popular web series in the world, Critical Role – revealed on Twitter that it has been his ‘absolute pleasure’ to voice Ganondorf. It’s the latest in a long line of impressive roles for Matthew Mercer, who has been voicing video game characters since the turn of the millennium.

Matt Mercer is Ganondorf

In a simple but impactful Tweet on the social media platform, Matthew Mercer lifted the lid on his latest role:

Mercer, who found fame acting in various animated productions, has voiced the likes of Jotaro Kujo, Leon Kennedy, Cole Cassidy, Tim Drake, Jack Cooper, Luke Skywalker, and Cor Leonis – among many, many other names.

Now, he’s portraying Ganondorf in Tears of the Kingdom, and fans are worried – because the antagonist himself is super sexy. Those aren’t my words, I promise – it was summarised better over at

In follow-up posts on the platform, Mercer revealed that he has been a Legend of Zelda fan since he was a child, and he even took the opportunity to share charming images of him dressed as Ganondorf that are well over a decade old.

He intends to deliver the character faithfully and hopes that the trust placed in him by Nintendo was well-founded. We’re sure it will be – he’s remarkably talented.

Tears of the Kingdom launches May 12th.

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