Resident Evil 4 Remake Secured 3 Million Sales in 2 Days

resident evil 4 remake

Capcom has revealed that, in just two days, the Resident Evil 4 remake has sold a whopping three million units, making it the second-fastest-selling Resident Evil title of all time. In the report published on the developer’s website, it was revealed that high review scores and the success of the Chainsaw Demo were pivotal in the game’s early success.

In almost every sense of the word, the Resident Evil 4 remake is perfect, which is a claim being reflected by the hundreds of reviews being delivered across the board. That’s a sentiment echoed by the community, too – at present, 97% of the 23,300 reviews on Steam for Resident Evil 4 are considered to be positive.

It’s a Sign of Things to Come

Resident Evil 6 holds the sales record for the franchise, as in a similar report published in 2012 following the launch of that title, Capcom confirmed that it had shipped 4.5 million copies in a two-day period.

However, Resident Evil 4 now sits proudly in second place, but not only that, it’s also the best-selling Resident Evil remake to be released. Historically, Resident Evil 2 secured three million units after a week, and Resident Evil 3’s remake had picked up just shy of four million sales after eighteen months.

It’s an indication that not only are these games great, but they’re wanted. Of course, that means that Capcom will (and perhaps already has) consider remaking more games from the iconic zombie-slaying franchise.

In fact, there were references already uncovered in the all-new game that point to a Resident Evil 5 remake floating around somewhere.

That’s not all she wrote for Resident Evil 4, though. In recent days, dataminers uncovered references to a Separate Ways DLC in the game’s files, which would be an expansion revealing Ada Wong’s backstory.

Not only that but in April, The Mercenaries will be introduced once again to eager fans the world over, dropping as free-to-consume DLC. It’ll bring with it a host of iconic Resident Evil characters, some of which fans have been sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for.

After almost thirty years in the game, Resident Evil still knows how to pull some seriously impressive numbers.

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