Resident Evil Collab Coming in Fortnite Season Two, Leak Claims

resident evil collab cover

On Twitter, two popular Fortnite leakers have jointly corroborated a claim that a Resident Evil collab is slated to take place in Chapter Four, Season Two, which is due to kick off sometime in the coming days.

This collaboration would coincide (more or less) with the launch of Resident Evil 4 Remake, which features both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield – the characters reportedly coming to Fortnite when the second season kicks off.

Is a Resident Evil Collab on the Horizon for Fortnite?

As Season Two approaches, the leaks and rumours are coming thick and fast, as a whole new battle pass means all-new skins, quests, and plenty of collaborations. In the last few weeks, players have been enjoying unlocking Geralt from The Witcher in Fortnite, which introduced a range of challenging tasks to the ever-popular battle royale platform.

Earlier today, we reported on a leak that claimed a Fortnite x Attack on Titan crossover special was on the horizon. There are expectations that this’ll form the core of the next season, with the game going so far as to adopt a ‘futuristic Japanese’ theme for a limited time.

Now, the very same leakers have revealed that they’ve been passed exclusive information uncovering an upcoming Resident Evil collab that’ll bring Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy to the game. It’s expected that this collaboration is quite literally skin deep, and aside from the outfits themselves, there likely won’t be any more content delivered through the crossover.

This’ll unite an iconic squad, as towards the end of 2021, both Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield made an appearance in Fortnite.

It isn’t yet known how much this new Resident Evil collab bundle will cost in the Item Store, or exactly when it’ll launch, but both HYPEX and ShiinaBR (on Twitter) have fantastic track records when it comes to Fortnite insider information.

Chapter Four, Season One of Fortnite ends on March 8th, and Season Two is expected to begin days later.

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