Resident Evil 9 Location To Be Set On An Island, It’s Claimed

Resident Evil 9 Location and Setting

Dusk Golem is back with more claims about Resident Evil 9, and what players can expect from the game’s location. According to the known leaker, Resident Evil 9 is set to be set in a fictional town on an island in Southeast Asia.

Specifically, the area is inspired by Singapore.

In addition to the location, Dusk Golem has gone on record stating that the next main game in the series is targeting for a January 2025 release after beginning development in 2018. He’s also claimed that the game will be open world and has the largest budget of any game in the Resident Evil series.

As far as more specifics on the game, Dusk Golem says he “won’t leak or rumor any other details of the game” and that he’ll “just let Capcom do their thing and let them surprise people”.

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