Final Fantasy 14 Servers Hit by DDoS Attack

Final Fantasy Dawntrail Heroes

According to a new post on The Lodestone today, a DDoS attack is causing the serious network technical issues affecting Final Fantasy 14.

Following the attack, players are getting disconnected from data center Worlds and unable to log into them. There are also issues “accessing, sending, and receiving data from JP/NA/EU/OC data centers.”

The scope of the issue concerns many fans. But in today’s post, Square Enix does reassure players that “we are investigating the attack and taking countermeasures.”

However, there is no further elaboration about the identity of the attacker or any progress in resolving the issue yet. So, it’s currently unclear just how long the technical issues will last, or if other Final Fantasy titles should be wary.

For now, Lodestone reports that “additional information will be provided as the situation develops.” The Lodestone first posted about the issue at 6 AM PDT today, so Square Enix has been aware of the problem for some time now.

Final Fantasy 14 recently held an Open Beta for Xbox in February 2024. The next major expansion pack for the game is Dawntrail. Square Enix recently announced that Dawntrail will release on July 2, 2024. Tokyo only just hosted a fan festival for Final Fantasy 14 last week.

Fans of the franchise are also looking forward to the last Final Fantasy 7 remake. Last month, Square Enix revealed plans to release that anticipated game within the next three years.

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