Cheat Providers Targeting Gray Zone Warfare With Shady Tactics

gray zone warfare cheats

Gray Zone Warfare was released into early access on April 30, emerging to a relatively positive reception amid ongoing turmoil of the extraction shooter genre. Gray Zone Warfare is a solid shooter that has plenty of potential, and it’s proving to be a popular game already, selling half a million copies in less than a week.

Sadly, cheat providers are already trying to target the game, as revealed recently by a content creator who was allegedly contacted by a company seeking a ‘hidden promotion’ of its cheat engine.


Where there’s a new multiplayer game making it to the market, cheat providers are looking to disrupt said game – it’s the way of the world.

Recently, a UK-based content creator by the name of Geeky Pastimes shared an image on Twitter of what’s reportedly an email from an unnamed cheat provider. In the email, the provider outlines a ‘mutually beneficial’ opportunity that would see Geeky Pastimes create a video in which he discusses the ‘impact of cheaters on the game’s environment’. Then, he’d ‘name and shame’ this particular provider, indirectly getting the brand out there and bringing attention to what it offers users.

The email was addressed to someone named ‘Jesse’, which has led some users to believe it was a copy-and-paste error, with the email originally being addressed to JesseKazam, a popular Escape from Tarkov creator who has been playing Gray Zone Warfare.

This is nothing if not a good peek behind the curtain of what happens when content creators are approached by cheat providers. Are there examples historically of certain creators making videos to ‘shame’ cheat providers while silently securing a bag to get their name out there?

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