Helldivers 2 Steam Reviews Drop to ‘Mixed’ Over PSN Linking Controversy

Negative Helldivers 2 reviews on Steam have caused the game’s score to drop from ‘Mostly Positive’ to ‘Mixed’ following a recent update requiring players to link a PSN account. Since the update, over 100,000 new reviews were left as ‘Mostly Negative’.

Arrowhead CEO Jhan Pilestedt apologized for the new requirement and massive adverse reaction, saying, “Sorry, everyone, for how this all transpired.” Taking to Twitter, the game’s game’s community manager said on the game’s official Discord server that it was a Sony decision, not Arrowhead.

Adding fuel to the fire, Sony also updated its PSN linking page in the past 24 hours by changing its wording on PSN linking from “optional” to “some PlayStation games may require you sign in to an announce for PSN”.

The change means that some Helldivers 2 players who have purchased the game on Steam can no longer play it if PSN is not available in their country. PlayStation Network is currently only available in 73 countries (visit here to see which countries are supported), whereas Steam is available worldwide, with a few exceptions. Changing your country via a VPN is against Sony’s TOS, with some players already claiming they have been banned from the game.

At the time of writing, the negative reviews haven’t seemingly had a hugely negative impact on player numbers. According to SteamDB, the game has maintained around 120,000 peak concurrent players since May 1.

Sony is yet to comment on the change officially.

What do you think of the Helldivers 2 Steam reviews being bombarded with negative reviews? Let us know down in the comments below.

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