Terminator Survivors: Offline, First-Person, Unreal 5, and Story-Rich

terminator survivors

Earlier this year, Nacon revealed Terminator: Survivors. This open-world survival title offers an all-new perspective of the legendary franchise that leans heavily into the concept of a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s based in 2009 in the Terminator universe, after Judgment Day when Skynet rose up and wreaked havoc on the planet but before the evil entity had reached its peak.

In a recent Q&A, countless details about Terminator: Survivors were revealed, with Nacon explaining that it’s both a cooperative and single-player (offline) title, it’s being built in Unreal Engine 5, it’s a first-person shooter, and it’ll feature an immersive and story-rich campaign that’s true to the Terminator lore.

Sounds Like a Winner

In a recent blog post on Steam, Nacon outlined the foundational concept of Terminator Survivors:

Those who were distant enough from the epicenters (of nuclear annihilation) or who found refuge in anti-nuclear bunkers had to confront the onset of a new era amidst radiation and societal collapse. With long-range communication systems offline, people congregated in small, often conflicting communities, striving to secure the scarce resources available.

So begins Terminator: Survivors, an intense survival game with a ‘rich original story’ that will lead players to cross paths with ‘iconic figures from the saga’. Throughout the game, players will be hunted by a T-800, as well as needing to contend with human and machine enemies. In the vast open-world environment, players can use vehicles to explore the depths of what’s available, starting out from a base of operations that can be upgraded and enhanced over time.

It was confirmed that there is no player-vs-player combat in Terminator: Survivors, but there will be a multiplayer co-op mode that allows fans to explore the entire original story alongside one another.

Here’s the first trailer that was released for the game:

I’ve never been a big Terminator fan, but this game looks like the kind of thing I’ll love, so I’ll be giving it a shot when it’s released. It’ll be launching first in an early access state on October 24, 2024.

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