Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition Gets ESRB Rating For Switch

Nintendo World Championships Logo

According to the official ESRB site, Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition now has an ESRB rating for the Nintendo Switch.

The game is officially rated E for “Mild Fantasy Violence”, and it will contain in-game purchases. Additionally, the ratings summary offered a glimpse at what fans can expect.

ESRB describes the game as “a collection of 2D challenges and platformer games.” These will feature various modes, such as speedrun and survival.

Twitter user @Pyoro_X recently hinted at the game with an image of a classic cartridge. The cartridge references the original Nintendo World Championships, which toured throughout America in the 1990’s.

Two of the key titles featured in that event included Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. Players only just defeated Tetris in January 2024, beginning with a 13-year-old fan. Nintendo hosted two more championships in 2015 and 2017.

Another twitter user, @Stealth40k, first spotted the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition rating. They noted that the ESRB rarely appears before anything official. Fans agree that this implies a trailer is incoming, possibly quite soon.

At this time, Nintendo has not confirmed a release date for Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition. However, like any title, a release date for the game is likely approaching soon, following an ESRB rating.

Nintendo recently announced that it will not appear at Gamescom 2024. While Nintendo’s absence at Gamescom may disappoint fans, Nintendo could be gearing up for some major announcements.

A fresh wave of rumors recently surfaced about the upcoming Switch 2 device, expected to release in 2025.

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