Space Marine 2 Artbook Leak May Have Revealed Crucial Details

space marine 2 leak

Recently, a lengthy video was uploaded to YouTube showcasing a cover-to-cover walkthrough of an art book for the upcoming Saber Interactive title, Space Marine 2. This highly anticipated title isn’t being released until September 9, but somehow, at least one copy of the collector’s grade art book is in the wild, and the owner has trawled through it to pick out several key details about the game.

Artistic Revelations

It’s worth stressing that the content in the art book will mostly be conceptual or might have been changed by the time the game makes it to market – that’s how these things work. Typically, art books contain early sketches and concepts of characters, locations, and weapons – but the Space Marine 2 art book may have revealed some crucial information.

In a breakdown posted by an eagle-eyed viewer on Reddit, it seems that the art book reveals:

  • There will be a multiplayer (PvP) mode that features Marine vs. Marine combat, with the art book detailing character classes
  • Players will be able to customise their banner and clan in the PvP mode
  • There will be a base of operations where players go to upgrade their main character and select their next mission
  • In the book, all the enemies, points of interest, and boss characters (Chaos Marines and Tyrandis) are revealed
  • Weapons, vehicles, and other objects are also revealed

Here’s the full video in case you’re interested:

There are expectations that a detailed PvE mode will be available at launch, too. Based on the contents of the book, users have started theorising how the game will unfold. In one common theme, it’s suggested that players will be subjected to a bait and switch that pivots from Xenos and throws them into the thick of it against Chaos Marines.

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