Hades II Early Access Available Now on PC

hades ii

Supergiant Games has revealed that Hades II is available in early access now via Steam and the Epic Games Store on PC. There’s a planned launch for console-based versions of the game, but more information will be shared later on that front. For now, PC gamers can get involved with the follow-up to the 2018 roguelike following a brief testing period that was carried about behind closed doors.

Hades II is Here

For just $30, players can invest in Hades II, which is set to remain in early access until the end of 2024. Here’s a little blurb from the game’s Steam profile:

The original Hades was designed for Early Access from the ground up, and the same is true of Hades II. Player feedback will help shape a number of Major Updates that introduce new features, characters, environments, and more as the game gets closer to completion.

It has only just got its wheels turning, but positive reviews are starting to drip in through the newsfeed. This is a game that, at first blush, looks stunning, boasting jaw-dropping visuals and an incredible art style that’s instantly recognisable to fans of the first title.

In an upcoming series of updates, Supergiant Games plans to add a new region, an update to the game’s cosmetics system, and an all-new weapon.

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