Remnant I & II Just Shadow Dropped on Game Pass


For reasons outside our understanding, Game Pass just secured two top-tier shooters – Remnant: From The Ashes and Remnant II. It’s a particularly tantalising deal considering the second title in the widely-praised series was only released four months ago, and fans of the franchise are still riding high on the game’s success.

If you’re hunting for a third-person shooter action title that fuses RPG elements with Soulslike combat, look no further than the Remnant series.

From Out Of Nowhere

Hours ago, Xbox gamers started noticing that both Remnant: From The Ashes and Remnant II were showing in the ‘Recently Added’ section on Game Pass across both PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms. It came as a surprise because there was absolutely no indication that this was going to be a thing – the series wasn’t even teased on the ‘Coming Soon’ rail.

It just appeared.

That’s a lot of gaming for the grand total price of absolutely nothing. In Remnant: From The Ashes (2019), you’re getting a high-rated story that’ll take you around 55 hours to finish, if you’re a completionist. In the case of the follow-up title, Remnant II, you’re looking at around 75 hours for a completionist run.

Here’s the launch trailer for Remnant II, just to set your expectations:

There’s nothing better than free, right? It’s perhaps a concept that’s enhanced by having absolutely no idea that the ‘free thing’ is going to suddenly pop up for you to take advantage of.

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  1. I’m glad to see this on Game Pass but why do so many people say this is free? It’s part of your Game Pass subscription

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