Minecraft Legends Gets Free Major Update

Minecraft Legends update

Xbox Game Studios and Mojang have announced that Minecraft Legends is getting a free major update on all platforms.

The update, which is being touted as the game’s “biggest update”, features witches, frogs, the clanger, and more.

Witches are new “mysterious but eager allies” that will help players by launching poisonous potions at enemies. In addition to the witch, you can build a cauldron that can be used to buff various allies that sit in its area of effect.

Another ally coming to the game is a frog mount.

“Not only does the frog jump twice as high as other mounts but it also swims much faster, creating new opportunities for speedy traversal in the Overworld,” Mojang says. “And if you find yourself at high altitude, don’t be too nervous – the frog’s soft, bouncy body is pretty resistant to fall damage compared with other mounts.” 

Two new Piglins are also coming to the game in the form of the Clanger and the Air Chopper. The Clanger uses symbals to knock back opponents while the Air Chopper blows enemies in various directions.

There are even more updates to the game that you can read via the game’s full patch notes on its website. These include new custom game settings, pathfinding improvements, various PvP updates, and more.

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