Sonic Superstars Failed To Meet Sega’s Sales Expectations

sonic superstars sales

From the beginning, Sonic Superstars was going to have a tough time selling for Sega. Released on October 17, the game hit the market just three days before Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder. And now, during the latest earnings call, it’s been confirmed that Sonic Superstars didn’t quite meet Sega’s sales expectations.

Sega said that the latest game had a “slightly weaker start” than anticipated.

When asked for a reason why, it’s clear that the release of the first new 2D Mario game in over a decade played a part.

“We believe that the impact of other companies’ major title released at the same time is significant,” Sega CEO Haruki Satomi said, “but we plan to expand the promotion towards the holiday season, especially in overseas market. Both the Metacritic score and user score are higher than Sonic Frontiers, and we would like to continue to sell firmly.”

Satomi added that Sonic as a brand sells better in November and December, traditionally, and that the company will be pushing for that to happen again.

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  1. The game stood no chance against Mario Wonder. The game wasn’t good either it was mid the same with Frontiers but that game had more discounts.

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