Kerbal Space Program 2 Sets Release Date For First Major Update

Kerbal Space Program 2 Ship

Kerbal Space Program 2 will officially roll out its first major update For Science! on December 19th, according to a new tweet. There will also be a Dev Chat “later this week” to further discuss the new content.

The Kerbal Space Program forum already revealed quite a few details for the update in a lengthy blog post. For Science! is expected to introduce the all-new Exploration Mode, where players can collect Science from a variety of biomes to unlock technologies.

The update will also include minor additions, including Mission Control, more Science collection parts, new categories on the tech tree and more.

The devs will address quality of life and performance, as usual. But Kerbal Space Program 2 had a rocky launch, especially regarding the technical side of things.

The previous game set a high standard for the simulation genre, so expectations were already high, and fans were quickly disappointed. It was more unexpected due to the large release gap between these titles.

So, a lot is riding on the first major update to resolve longtime issues and pave a stronger path forward. Many simple functions are still unwieldy, and some frustrating bugs remain.

Fortunately, the devs have consistently worked to renew interest and goodwill from fans of the original game. There’s also been a lot of transparency, which is always appreciated.

Fans are gradually warming up to the sequel again, and there are some interesting and ambitious mechanics in the new game.

Notably, the official blog post emphasizes that the devs could not “tell you everything”. There is sure to be more in the upcoming Dev Chat. This is sure to give fans hope, assuming that any fresh announcements will actually work.

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