Rebel Wolves Confirms Dawnwalker Is Debut Game

Dawnwalker Wallpaper Rebel Wolves

New development studio Rebel Wolves has just officially confirmed in a new Twitter post that their first game is titled “Dawnwalker”.

Alongside the announcement, Rebel Wolves also revealed a wallpaper with brand-new artwork, featuring a swordsman leaping from shadows.

Rebel Wolves includes many CD Projekt Red veterans, and recently appointed Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz as the Creative Director just last week.

There are very few details about Dawnwalker, and today’s announcement does not confirm much more than the title.

The devs admit they usually “don’t comment on rumors”, so fans shouldn’t expect marketing to suddenly ramp up. Although, today Rebel Wolves directly replied to Insider Gaming’s speculative post from 2022.

Twitter user Kurakasis did compile some research about Dawnwalker in December 2023 with more information.

Rumors suggest that Dawnwalker should be a dark fantasy RPG set in an open world.

Last week, Tomaszkiewicz officially added the new game would “allow for a variety of choices and room for experimentation when replayed”.

They also mentioned the team aimed to “craft a world that you will want to explore and dive deep into”. This reinforces the game will likely take a story-driven approach.

The new wallpaper artwork supports some previous Dawnwalker details and rumors. The black and red design has a lot of attitude, and hints at supernatural abilities.

The figure in the wallpaper appears to have clawed hands. Alongside the freshly confirmed title, this could imply players will take the role of a vampire.

The character’s attire also looks a bit older, and they’re wielding a sword, so the story could also be a period piece.

Now that the devs have confirmed the title, hopefully more art will be revealed soon.

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