Rebel Wolves Sets Former CDPR Dev As Creative Director

rebel wolves dawnwalker

Rebel Wolves, a recently formed studio mostly composed of CD Projekt Red veterans, has officially appointed Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz as Creative Director.

The news was featured in a press release, and first reported by VGC.

Fans will likely recognize Tomaszkiewicz for their quest-based storytelling in The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. They have over a decade of experience.

They even served as a narrative consultant for the RPG board game Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall, which has a more lighthearted tone.

The TTG features many memorable characters and inventive quests, and it earned strong praise in the tabletop community.

cyberpunk overdrive mode

According to recent research from Twitter user Kurakasis, Rebel Wolves is currently working on a dark fantasy RPG.

Some details suggest it will be a story-driven AAA open world game, built with Unreal Engine 5. It will possibly be titled ‘Dawnwalker’.

In the full press release reported on Gamingtrend, Tomaszkiewicz adds more details. They mention the new game should “allow for a variety of choices and room for experimentation when replayed”.

This implies that players will likely make decisions that impact the story or character outcomes.

There may also be different protagonists to choose from for new perspectives and abilities, rather than a single hero.

Fans might be able to speculate on these features by comparing to Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher.

Tomaszkiewicz joins a variety of returning developers from CD Projekt Red as Creative Director for Rebel Wolves.

Tomaszkiewicz also mentions they “want to craft a world that you will want to explore and dive deep into and tell stories that make you care about the characters”.

Although this is a bit vague, it does emphasize exploration. So, this might hint at the gameplay’s potential pace overall and the NPC depth.

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