You Don’t Need To Be Last Alive to Win Warzone Anymore

warzone win

That’s right, Activision and its associated studios have decided to turn the concept of a battle royale on its head, introducing a feature that allows you to ‘win the game’ without being the last player (or team) left alive. That has been the core principle of a battle royale game since it started gaining popularity several years ago, but Raven Software has identified an opportunity to innovate and move away from that stock-standard operating mode.

How exactly can you win a game of Warzone without winning a game of Warzone?

Introducing: Covert Exfil

On January 17, the Season 1 Reloaded update will be released, and along with that comes a feature that’ll allow players to covertly exfiltrate from their Warzone match. It’s fusing the battle royale genre with an extraction shooter mode (RIP DMZ), and it’s quite a simple premise.

In each battle royale match, there will be five covert exfil packs available to purchase – but they must be bought before the Gulag is closed down. Once you’ve secured one of these covert exfil drops, a helicopter will swoop into the map and allow you to soar away to safety, with a separate leaderboard showing how many covert exfils you’ve logged. It’s important to note that a covert exfil doesn’t count as a legitimate win and it won’t count towards the Champion’s Quest, either.

There’s a point to this, though. With the deployment of Season 1 Reloaded, Raven Software is also adding a weapon case function filled with rewards. Once you’ve picked this weapon case up, you’ll be marked for the remainder of the match – but of course, you can perform a covert exfil and secure the goodies in that weapon case.

It’s not a groundbreaking change, but it’s something different that’ll allow up to five teams or players to safely leave a game of Warzone whenever they so desire – provided they’ve got the cash to pay for the covert exfil.

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