Ready or Not Leaves Early Access December 13

ready or not

It has been revealed during The Game Awards that Ready or Not, will be leaving early access on December 13, transitioning to ‘Version 1.0’ as it officially releases in full. This highly intense, high-octane first-person tactical shooter has been taking Steam by storm since it was released in 2021.

Check out the short trailer that revealed this news below.

Are You Ready?

Ready or Not puts the player in control of members of an elite SWAT unit in a fictional Californian city during the midst of a crime wave. It’s a gritty, realistic game that forces the player to have their head on a swivel, and danger lurks around every corner. Here’s the short trailer that accompanied the latest news.

With more than 100,000 reviews on Steam and sitting at a rating of ‘Very Positive’, Ready or Not is well and truly in a good place to be switched over to ‘Version 1.0’.

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