God of War Ragnarök Trial Available on PS Plus Premium

god of war ragnarok trial

Hours ago, Sony listed a three-hour God of War Ragnarök trial on the PlayStation store exclusively for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. This offer, available only in North America (at the moment), gives players the opportunity to explore a sizeable chunk of the best-selling, already-legendary game without investing any hard-earned cash.

It’s a hefty portion of the game, and in those three hours, players have access to the full game, giving them the opportunity to appreciate the immersive, in-depth experience that is God of War Ragnarök.

Can You Complete The Ragnarök Trial in Three Hours?

Well, according to speedrun.com, the fastest end-to-end completion of God of War Ragnarök took approximately twelve hours and thirty minutes, so by that notion, you could theoretically complete a quarter of the game during your three-hour trial.

However, God of War Ragnarök is one of those games that must be savoured. From the scenery to the exhilarating combat, and from the immersive, rich story to the advanced photomode, there’s plenty to soak up in Ragnarök, and speedrunning it essentially means you’ll miss out on almost all of that.

Instead, use those three hours wisely, potentially exploring whether or not you’d like to buy the full game. After all, in the first ten weeks that the game was on the market, it sold more than 11 million copies, earning it the title of the ‘fastest-selling first-party title ever’ on PlayStation.

North American gamers can download the trial now on PS4 and PS5 consoles. There’s no word yet whether the offer will be extended to other regions around the world.

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