Medal of Honor Shelved as Multiplayer Servers Go Offline

medal of honor multiplayer

It was originally reported towards the end of 2022 that three core Medal of Honor titles from bygone generations would be shut down, with the multiplayer servers being taken offline. That event is now upon us, and in just two days’ time, every remaining Medal of Honor game (bar the fast-forgotten VR variant from 2020) will be cast into the abyss.

This news came as no surprise back in 2022, as the Medal of Honor franchise, which was once a titan and a pioneer in the FPS space, has long stood forgotten and somewhat abandoned. It was in 2012 that the last mainstream release in the series took place, with EA and DICE releasing Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Now, more than a decade later, that’s one of the games that is being locked up and shut down by EA.

The Long-Forgotten Legacy

It was in 1999 that Medal of Honor debuted, and it would go on to inspire modern-day super-franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield. With fifteen major titles launched in the franchise (and a few expansions), Medal of Honor boasted a considerable presence, but since 2012, it has stood quietly by as the years rolled on, and by today, it’s an almost entirely forgotten franchise.

Medal of Honor’s last outing – a VR title that launched in 2020.

For any remaining fans still playing Medal of Honor (2011), Medal of Honor Airborne, or Medal of Honor: Warfighter, there are just two days left to enjoy the remnants of the series. On the 16th of February, EA will be shuttering up the series for the foreseeable future, promptly closing down all multiplayer servers.

As we’ve explained, this news originally dropped late in 2022, so dedicated fans will have had at least some kind of warning.

At present, it looks as though there are no plans whatsoever to revive Medal of Honor, especially considering 2012’s Warfighter was such an underwhelming and poorly-performing title. It’s a sad fact, but the rise of Battlefield and Call of Duty during the Xbox 360 era effectively wiped Medal of Honor – the ‘lesser franchise’ – off the map.

Recently, it was revealed that after just a few months in operation, EA will be closing down Apex Legends Mobile and cancelling production of Battlefield Mobile. Not only that, but CrossfireX, the unstable FPS released on Xbox one year ago, will also be closed down in full in just a few months.

Farewell, Medal of Honor – your contributions to the industry shan’t be forgotten.

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