EA Shutting Down Apex Legends Mobile, Cancels Battlefield Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile

Just eight months after its launch, EA announced that it will be shutting down Apex Legends Mobile in May. The decision, according to a blog post on the company’s website, is a mutual one between EA and developer Respawn.

“Following a strong start, the content pipeline for Apex Legends Mobile has begun to fall short of that bar for quality, quantity, and cadence,” the company said. “It is for this reason, after months of working with our development partner, that we have made the mutual decision to sunset our mobile game.”

The statement continues by saying that both parties are disappointed in the events, but feel it was the best decision to make. Still, there do appear to be plans behind the scenes for expanding into the mobile game space in the future.

“Respawn and the Apex Legends team remain excited about mobile as a platform and look forward to new opportunities to serve players there in the future.,” EA said.

If you’ve been enjoying Apex Legends Mobile, you only have 90 days left to play as servers will go offline at 7 pm ET on May 1. If you’ve made any purchases within the game, EA says it will not be issuing any refunds.

What’s Happening With Apex Legends?

As far as the future of Apex Legends as a franchise, EA and Respawn remain confident in its standing in the market.

“This decision for Apex Legends Mobile is platform-specific, and is independent of the game on PC and Consoles,” the company said. “As a franchise, Apex Legends is strong and we’re looking forward to sharing exciting updates in the future.”

In addition to Apex Legends Mobile being taken down, Venture Beat reports that Battlefield Mobile has also been canceled. That game was being developed by Industrial Toys Studio — which was also shut down — and was in the middle of a soft launch.

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