Quidditch Champions Playtest Gameplay Leaked by Streamer

quidditch champions

It was around a month ago that Warner Bros announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. This reveal came following several weeks of rampant success for Hogwarts Legacy, and it greatly impressed fans of the Wizarding World. Now, just weeks later, a streamer has allegedly broken an NDA, broadcasting gameplay for the Quidditch Champions playtest and uploading content of the game online.

In the stream – and the subsequent clips being shared online – we can see gameplay featuring a Quidditch match, as well as a clip showing character customisation, which includes picking a role, a base character (which includes the titular character himself), a broom, broom trails, celebrations, and much more.

Someone’s in trouble.

Quidditch Champions Has Been Leaked

This exclusive playtest went live just today, May 20th. It has taken just a few hours for the gameplay to leak online, despite the closed playtest almost certainly being governed by an NDA. Once it’s out there – it’s out there, and the clips that are circulating on platforms like Reddit have already been consumed and forwarded.

As we’ve said, someone is in trouble.

Quidditch Champions is being developed by Unbroken Studios and published by Warner Bros., but the game seems to take elements from Hogwarts Legacy, such as some of the UI designs. It’s a much more ‘cartoony’ kind of game, with bright colours and flashy assets being the order of the day. It’s quintessentially Harry Potter, though – from the iconography to the environment, it’s undeniably a Wizarding World title.

It’s tough to make too much of a hard judgement, given that the leaked content adds up to just a minute or two, but it looks good! It looks basic – but good.

Since the streamer stopped broadcasting the gameplay, all traces of the content have been removed from their channel – but that hasn’t stopped various outlets from picking up the shared videos, of course.

It isn’t yet known when Quidditch Champions will be released.

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