Quantum Error’s Devs Clinging On Despite Rocky Launch

quantum error

Quantum Error has been on the market for less than a week. Still, the developer – TeamKill Media – is contending with the weight of immensely negative reviews brought about by a slew of bugs and balancing issues. It’s a strange thing – some players report vibes on par with Dead Space, while others are condemning the game and demanding refunds. It’s a subjective world we live in, right?

Recently, TeamKill revealed that a hotfix is in development that’ll target some of the more high-priority bugs, attempting to tidy things up for those currently neck-deep in the sci-fi, alien-slaying title, which at present is exclusively available on PlayStation 5.

Quantum Error’s Errors

At the time of writing, Quantum Error boasts a paltry Metascore of just 42, with a user score (also on Metacritic) of just 3.5. In the lowest-rated review, it was said:

With stiff competition from The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and Skull Island: The Rise of Kong, this qualifies for the worst game of 2023 category.

It seems that many folks got mixed up in the complexity of Quantum Error, which lays down a relatively convoluted story with an interesting enough base concept that unfortunately gets lost in translation. Despite the negativity, TeamKill refuses to throw in the towel, stating:

We are proud of our game and actually take all the criticism as a compliment to be judged against AAA budget games when we are clearly indie with a small budget which creates limitations. For everyone trashing us on social media or rejoicing in trashing us, it won’t stop us or change what we’re doing.

Before launching, it was revealed that Quantum Error’s PlayStation 4 version was scrapped, as it would have presented a worse experience overall for players. Currently, the Xbox Series X version of the game is in development but TeamKill is reportedly seeing issues on that front. There’s also still no sign of the PC launch, either.

Given that there’s a sequel already planned for Quantum Error, it seems like TeamKill is throwing caution to the wind and bearing down with tenacious ferocity.

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