Become An Interstellar Firefighter Battling Cosmic Horrors in Quantum Error

quantum error

If there’s one story you’ve never had the opportunity to experience in gaming, it’s that of the interstellar firefighter going head-to-head against powerful, cosmic entities. In a matter of days, that’s the tale that you could be living out – provided you have a PlayStation 5 console, that is.

From TeamKill Media comes Quantum Error, an ambitious first-/third-person shooter that attempts to innovate and make use of all the technical advantages of the PlayStation 5. From full haptic feedback that allows you to feel the intensity of a ‘backdraft door’ to using the controller’s microphone to save lives, Quantum Error promises to be a unique game — and it’s kicking off a trilogy, apparently.

What is Quantum Error?

Quantum Error is only the second game ever released by TeamKill Media, which already has a further three projects in development, as well as a planned follow-up (and a follow-up for the follow-up) for Quantum Error itself.

There’s a complex story at play that’s better outlined on the game’s website, but ultimately, Quantum Error will see the protagonist – Capt. Jacob Thomas – go from being a top-tier firefighter in San Francisco to transcending our imperfect world by way of interstellar travel, uncovering mysterious enemies from the cosmic abyss he finds himself a part of.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Quantum Error was built in Unreal Engine 5 and takes full advantage of the marvels that the technology offers. It has been in development for at least three years, and as a horror-based, sci-fi-themed title, it promises to do well in the space, even if it’s likely not a contender against something like Dead Space or Alan Wake 2.

Quantum Error will be released on October 31st for pre-order customers and then digitally on November 3rd. If you’d rather wait for a physical copy, they’re arriving in stores worldwide on November 17th.

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