$100M Creator Plan: PUBG Mobile Follows In Fortnite’s Footsteps

pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile is a fairly remarkable game that has dominated the mobile scene for years and effortlessly became one of the highest-grossing esports games in the world. It has a huge footprint in the industry, and since 2021, creators have been pouring onto the platform to float their handcrafted content, much like the custom island mechanic in Fortnite.

Recently, PUBG Mobile’s operator – KRAFTON – revealed a massive $100M ‘investment plan’ that’ll be focused on rewarding creators for building in-game marvels. This is a like-for-like approach compared to Fortnite’s ‘Creator Economy’, in which talented creators can earn big bucks when players spend time enjoying their custom builds in-game.

There’s Money To Be Made

Over a period lasting three years, the ‘Wonder Creators Network‘ will bolster the ‘co-creation ecosystem’ that exists in PUBG Mobile. It’ll offer some killer incentives to creators taking part in the PDP, which is the ‘Ptopia Design Project’ – PUBG Mobile’s collaborative construction initiative.

There are huge prize pools up for grabs in tournaments that see creators float their ideas and constructs, which players then vote on and rank against one another. In one report, it was mentioned that KRAFTON has received almost half a million submissions from creators wanting to take part in the PDP.

Ultimately, these sizeable and valuable competitions will culminate in an awards ceremony – and the best part is, that absolutely anyone can take part. It’s worth stressing that this isn’t the first time KRAFTON has done this, though. In 2021, something very similar was kicked off with an identical prize pool.

They’re a generous bunch.

So, how creative are you?

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