Spider-Man 2 Will Have New Game Plus Before 2024

spider-man 2 new game plus

It won’t launch with the feature, but it has been confirmed by Insomniac Games’ Community and Marketing Director that New Game Plus will arrive in Spider-Man 2 ‘by the end of the year’. Alongside that, players should also get access to the ability to replay missions as and when they so desire.

It’s Being Worked On

There’s something so easy about New Game Plus – it gives players the ability to explore the entire game all over again, but from a ridiculously overpowered perspective – at least from the start of the game, that is. It’s such a simple consideration in this day and age, and plenty of games either launch with it or they get it added later on, which usually brings a vast swathe of players flooding back.

On Twitter, the Community and Marketing Director at Insomniac, James Stevenson, responded to a user asking about New Game Plus and a mission replay function, and he said, quite simply:

No – we’re working on an update for those features but they won’t be in Day 1

When asked why they won’t be featured at launch, he simply replied, ‘because game dev isn’t simple, nor easy.’ And then, when grilled about a potential release window for this update, he said, ‘Should be before end of year’.

If that’s enough to go, then it should be just a month or two before players get access to these sought-after features in Spider-Man 2.

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