PUBG’s Next Big Game is an Extraction Shooter Coming in 2024

Krafton, the developers behind PUBG, has announced that its next big game, an extraction shooter named ‘Project Black Budget’ is scheduled to launch in 2024.

The announcement came during their latest financial call (via gameshorizon) , where the developer revealed that the game will be coming during the second half of 2024.

Not much is currently known about the project, but it has been announced to be an extraction-based shooter.

The game marks a slew of extraction shooters that have entered the market in recent years, with developers and publishers seemingly confident that the genre is the next big craze.

However, more often than not, extraction-based shooters have failed to miss the mark with the gaming community. First-person shooter giants like Call of Duty and Battlefield have even tried to enter the genre with their own spin recently, with both abandoning support soon after release.

Krafton and its teams are no stranger to releasing massive hits though, with many of the developers working on ‘Black Budget’ being involved in the development of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

PUBG was a tremendous success and has held various world records including the first video game to hit 2 million concurrent players on Steam and still holds the record for the most concurrent players of all time on Steam at 3.2 million players.

Whether or not Krafton can tap into the extraction shooter market with success remains to be seen, but whatever the case may be the teaser art seems like they’ll be heading in a different direction this time around.

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  1. “However, more oftne than not, extration-shooters have failed to miss the mark” means the gaves have hit the mark more often than not. Proofread.

  2. Pubg was created by Brendan Green and Krafton did the coding grunt work to make it happen, since he left there have been more misses than hits in their development of the game so where exactly is the creative vision going to come from?

    Remember, this is the same company that added bots to a game famous for it pure pvp taking a huge shit on the tension and excitement it initially had.

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