PUBG’s Developer Banned 3.2 Million Cheaters in 2023

KRAFTON has just revealed an epic roadmap for PUBG that outlines everything coming to the game’s end-to-end ecosystem through 2024. It’s a whopper of a pipeline that’s bursting with features like destructible environments, a transition to Unreal Engine 5, a ‘skins market’, and more collaborations than ever before.

It was also revealed that in 2023, a staggering 3.2 million cheaters were permanently banned from the game. That’s more than the entire player base of some modern shooters – but KRAFTON has assured fans of the battle royale game that anti-cheat systems are still improving.

There Might Be More!?

In 2022, 2.4 million cheaters were permanently banned from PUBG, and in 2023, a 33% rise saw that number climb to 3.2 million malicious operators being booted from the game. In a super-sized blog post written to celebrate the game’s seventh anniversary and highlight the road ahead, it was said:

Yet, the battle against cheating is ongoing, as perpetrators continuously seek new methods. Therefore, we are not only persisting with and refining our current anti-cheat initiatives but also charting new directions for our countermeasures, prepared to adapt and evolve in our ceaseless pursuit of fairness.

To that end, KRAFTON and PUBG’s development team are investing in more rigorous detection mechanics and ‘advanced deep learning’ to root out cheaters and foul players. It’s all about first detecting those using ‘illegal software’ and cheat engines and ensuring they can’t make their way back into the ecosystem once they’ve been forcefully removed.

It’s mindblowing that 3.2 million cheaters were detected and banned in 2023 – it makes you wonder how many slipped through the net and are still terrorising the game today. It’s worth stressing that, leaning into the ‘re-entry’ topic, many of those 3.2 million accounts banned were likely duplicates or alternate accounts for cheaters the world over.

It’s still awful.

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