Sony Has Sold Around 270,000 PSVR2 Headsets So Far, Report Claims


A new report by Bloomberg has outlined that Sony has only sold approximately 270,000 PSVR2 headsets between its launch date of Feb 22 and the end of March. The figures originate from the research firm IDC, which said the low unit sales to the rising costs of living, rising interest rates, and rising layoffs.

A Bloomberg report last year said that the company had the goal of producing around 2 million units for the PSVR2 launch window.

Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said at a recent Morgan Stanley conference that Sony is reasonably confident about surpassing the roughly 5 million sales of the original PlayStation VR goggles over the course of the PSVR2’s lifetime on the market. If the IDC’s forecasts are accurate, it means that Sony has a difficult road ahead when it comes to its VR offering.

Insider Gaming sources revealed earlier this month that Sony is currently developing the PlayStation 5 Pro with a tentative release date on holiday 2024 which could bolster the sales of the PSVR2. In addition, sources also revealed that Sony is expecting a massive FY23 for console units sold of around 30.5 million units, which will almost double its current PlayStation 5 market.

Francisco Jeronimo, IDC’s Vice President of data and analytics said, “I suspect a price cut on the PSVR2 will be needed to avoid a complete disaster of their new product.”

Virtual reality in general has seemingly been suffering lately though, with almost every company involved with the metaverse cutting back development.

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