Forget The PS5 Slim, This Is The PS5 TINY

ps5 tiny ps5 slim

In a recent video uploaded to the tech channel on YouTube, Not From Concentrate, it was revealed that the PS5 Slim just isn’t small enough – it can get much, much smaller. In fact, it can be made tiny, as this custom build from ‘NFC’ proved. Over the course of eleven or so minutes, the PlayStation 5 Tiny is showcased in all its adorable, small-but-mighty glory.

Check it out below.

We Need To Go Smaller!

There’s a traditional path that console designers follow, and it typically involves launching something ‘regular-sized’, just to follow up with a slimmer, shrunken-down version after two or three years. It has happened with almost every console generation since the turn of the millennium, and it continues to be the way things work today.

But there are some that are challenging even those top-level designers. There are some master technicians who want to push the boundaries of ‘small’, transcending the concept of ‘slim’ and moving all the way into the realms of ‘tiny’.

Introducing: PS5 Tiny.

Using an external disc drive, NFC built the tiniest PlayStation console ever, and it actually looked fantastic. Like, you’d-want-to-buy-this levels of fantastic. It was slim, sleek, low-profile, and even featured a built-in charging dock for your controllers. With a 3D printer and heaps of technical know-how, NFC constructed the PS5 Tiny with many of the console’s original parts.

Understandably, many components were replaced, such as the cooling and power solutions, the SSD, and of course, the disc drive. In the video, NFC showcased at length how the PS5 Tiny runs, revealing the unique, custom features that were built into the device, like the cooling control systems.

I want one.

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  1. And the device average cost? the slim and fat are made that way to keep mass production and public price balanced, if we are talking about “size” and “size” alone it can even be more small than that “tiny” thing, but the production cost rises to unimaginable heights, those parts are not cheap and the final design its impossible to mass produce, thats the REAL truth.

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