PlayStation’s London Studio Has Closed After 20 Years

PlayStation London Studio closed

After 20 years, PlayStation’s London studio has officially closed its doors. The closure comes as part as part of the previously announced layoffs by Sony that saw 900 people lose their jobs.

As a goodbye, the studio took to Twitter to share one final message.

“For over twenty years London Studio has been home to some exceptionally talented and wonderful people in the games industry,” the studio said.

“As we close the doors, and all go forward to new adventures, we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you, to all our past and present, players and colleagues who have supported us over the years. We’ve had one wild and wonderful journey!”

Over its 20 years, PlayStation’s London Studio has been known for making games for the console’s EyeToy accessory in the mid-2000s before developing the SingStar franchise. It also developed a couple games for PlayStation VR: PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood & Truth.

In 2024, the gaming industry has seen over 10,000 people lose their jobs in the first five months. In 2023, roughly 10,500 people lost their jobs within the industry.

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  1. Sony is disgusting they’re doing this but meanwhile they have billions to waste trying to acquire Paramount and support their struggling TV and film business. Sony should be boycotted.

    1. True they’re attempting to spend tens of billions on Paramount but shut down studios for their only profitable business gaming

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