One of PlayStation’s Scariest Horror Games Might Be Coming Back

siren forbidden

It was recently revealed that a new trademark has been filed by Sony for ‘Siren’, one of the tech titan’s most iconic horror franchises that spanned from 2003 to 2008 before fading away out of existence. Personally, I was a fan of Siren – known as Forbidden Siren in PAL regions – when it debuted on the PlayStation 2, but it was so terrifying that I never actually got anywhere substantial with it.

This renewal of the existing trademark suggests that Sony is willing to breathe fresh life into the forgotten PlayStation franchise, but in what form, nobody knows. It could be a remaster or a re-release, or it could be another iteration entirely.

Super Spooky

Forbidden Siren was unparalleled in the horror department on PlayStation 2 – it truly was something special. In Siren, players assume control of several unique characters, all of which have the ability to see through the eyes of others – it’s known as ‘sightjacking’. In a desperate fight for survival, players must navigate dark and morbid environments, avoiding or fighting ‘Shibito’ – undead enemies – and using sightjacking to plan out their path through the level.

It’s a memorable story that strikes a chill into the heart of those experiencing it, and even twenty years ago, it was a well-crafted enough game to please horror fans the world over. It did receive criticism for its difficulty, but it was made to be challenging.

Bizarrely, Sony released the OST for Siren for the game’s 20th anniversary on August 1st, 2023 – there’s still a connection there, for sure.

With Sony having renewed the trademark for Siren, could it be that we’re about to learn of an all-new Forbidden Siren game?

Thanks to TwistedVoxel for noticing the trademark.

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