Is A Huge Price Decrease Imminent For the PlayStation 5?

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It’s expected that we could be mere weeks away from an official reveal of the PlayStation 5 Slim. That’s something that we reported on as far back as November 2022, and in court documents that were uncovered during the Microsoft vs. FTC trial, it was further suggested that a PlayStation 5 Slim console could be released later this year.

On Twitter, self-proclaimed ‘non-insider’ but fountain of knowledge, billbil-kun, has written out a cryptic tweet that points towards a huge price drop coming for the PlayStation 5 specifically in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

How Low Can You Go?

It was only a few weeks ago that certain retailers started selling brand-new PlayStation 5 consoles – including the disc-based units – at record-low prices. Primarily in Europe, some retailers had slashed prices on the most popular console of this generation by up to €100 – but could that figure be set to climb as the price drops even further?

It’s not known when the news will drop, but billbil-kun’s track record for this kind of information is phenomenal. If the price does plummet to unprecedented levels, it could be an indicator of Sony preparing to flush out old stock ahead of the announcement of an all-new unit that will undoubtedly become the most sought-after thing on the planet – for a period of time, at least.

Will you pick up a PlayStation 5 if the price crashes, or are you holding out for a PlayStation 5 Slim console? Let us know.

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  1. What is going to be different about the slim version? And how is it going to be better then the original?

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