Sources – Sony to Ship 30 Million PlayStation 5’s in FY23

Sony is aiming to ship 30 million PlayStation 5 consoles in Fiscal Year 23 (March 2023 – March 2024), sources have said.

These figures were briefly mentioned in our exclusive report last month on a new PlayStation 5 releasing with a detachable disc drive. Since then, sources have provided more information on the anticipated PlayStation 5 sale numbers.

Production of the new detachable disc drive console is expected to start in April 2023, with the console hitting the market in September of that year, sources said.

It was said that Sony aims to sell 18 million consoles in FY22 and 30.5 million in FY23, just shy of a 70% increase YoY.

12 million of the 30.5 million consoles in FY23 will be of the “old PlayStation 5”, with that console completely ceasing production by the holiday of 2023.

It’s believed that the new detachable disc drive PlayStation 5 is a means to reduce production costs. Moving forward, the company will only need to manufacture one console but have the two price points of the digital and disc versions.

Presumably, this could mean that the detachable disc drive will be priced at around $100, which is currently the price difference between the digital and standard PS5.

Earlier today, David Gibson, a senior analyst at MST Financial reported on Twitter that Sony’s sea shipments to the US increased 400% in September 2022 compared with September 2021.

Sony shipped an impressive 7.5 million kilograms of hardware to the US, compared with 1.5 million kilograms in the same month last year.

Admittingly, these are not all PlayStation 5 consoles, but the shipment figures show the ramp-up in production and shipments following the COVID-19 supply issues.

Sony Interactive reported that as of June 2022, the company has shipped over 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles since its launch.

If Sony hits its projected sales targets, the company could be on course to sell 70 million consoles by the start of FY24.