Pikmin 4 Release Date Revealed

Pikmin 4 release date

Nintendo kicked off its latest Nintendo Direct with a bang on Wednesday when it announced the Pikmin 4 release date. The game will launch for the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

Alongside the release date announcement, a brand new gameplay trailer was shown.

Announced as being in development back in 2015, Pikmin 4 was on the back burner for Nintendo for some time. However, it jumped into the public eye after it was teased during a Nintendo Direct last year.

“Chart a mysterious planet with curious plantlike Pikmin that come in different types in Pikmin 4 —like the brand-new Ice Pikmin,” Nintendo says. “The capable canine, Oatchi, will also help to overcome big challenges.”

Pikmin 4 continues the main series of games for the first time since 2013. The new game features a brand new mechanic for deploying Pikmin as well as a camera angle that is closer to the ground for players.

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