Modern Warfare II Season Two Roadmap Revealed

modern warfare ii season two

In one week, fans will finally gain access to the Modern Warfare II Season Two update – Warzone 2 included, of course. Today, Activision, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch combined forces to drop the roadmap for the entire season ahead – and it’s quite stacked.

From six new multiplayer game modes to ranked play and from five new weapons to an all-new Warzone 2 map, there’s a considerable amount of content coming in Season Two. It’s a massive offering and much of what’s coming ticks boxes for the fans that have long been waiting for certain improvements to be made.

Modern Warfare II Season Two Looks Busy

There are six new game modes coming to Modern Warfare II in Season Two – three at launch, and three during the season. It has been confirmed that the following modes will be arriving (or returning) on February 15th:

  • Infected
  • Gun Game
  • Grind
  • Drop Zone
  • All or Nothing
  • One in the Chamber

These are mostly legacy modes, with some of them not having been seen for a few years. They’re also representative of the creativity of the best Call of Duty developers from the past decade or so, and almost all of them offer up mindless, no-holds-barred opportunities for intense action.

There are also five new weapons dropping in Season Two, made available for both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II:

  • ISO Hemlock (AR)
  • KV Broadside (Shotgun)
  • Crossbow (Launcher)
  • Dual Kodachis (Melee)
  • Tempus Torrent (Marksman)

DMZ will receive a new exclusion zone, along with a new boss and an all-new weapons case for players to secure and extract with. In Warzone 2, players will see the return of a 1v1 Gulag, as well as a brand-new contract, Search and Seizure.

All that, and we’ve not even mentioned Ranked Play, which will change the face of multiplayer for the foreseeable future, giving the more skilled, hardcore players a place to flex their abilities away from public lobbies. And of course, there’s a host of new maps: Dome, Museum (from the beta), Al-Malik International, and Zaya Observatory.

And there are still the new bundles, skins, a fresh operator, mid-season events, and a new faction in DMZ…

This update is absolutely insane.

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