Halo Infinite Season 3 Alpha Build Leaked

Halo Infinite Season 3

Ahead of its March 7 launch, a Halo Infinite Season 3 alpha build has been leaked online. The new leak gives some details on an upcoming map, how many maps might be coming in the future, gameplay plans, and more.

The leaks started appearing online on Wednesday morning by noted Halo leak accounts Bathrobe Spartan and Halo Leaks.

First, a new map in development codenamed Crystal Cave appears to be one of the maps coming in the not-so-distant future in Season 3.

While that’s all that Bathrobe Spartan had, Halo Leaks came with more details about the season.

According to their information, the next season will be “heavily based around Iratus”. Regarding modes, Infection could be the main event mode for Season 3.

Lastly, there are over 20 maps currently in development for the game. It wasn’t made clear how many would be completed in time for Season 3. There’s also a good chance that of the 20-plus maps, only a handful ever get completed and launched.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Microsoft and 343 Industries about the legitimacy of the leaks. A spokesperson for the Halo franchise says that the company “doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation”.

Halo Infinite Season 3 will run from March 7-June 27. Called Echoes Within, the new season will include a new Battle Pass with 100 tiers to unlock. There will also be at least one new weapon called the M392 Bandit, which is similar to the DMR. Lastly, it has been confirmed a new equipment piece called the Shroud Screen will also be added to the game that will help hide players from radar.

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