Sources – Sony Anticipates 10 Million+ PS5s to be Sold in Q3 FY23

PS5 sales

Following Sony’s latest report of the company having its best quarter yet ending December 31, 2022 (Q3 FY22), Insider Gaming has received information from its sources suggesting that the company is expecting a further huge increase in PS5 unit sales at the end of this year.

Insider Gaming has already reported that the company is forecasting (as of a few months ago) 30.5 million units sold for FY23, which would be just shy of the 32 million units that the company has sold entirely since the PS5 was released in November 2020.

Internal forecasts show that Sony is anticipating its lowest month to be August 2023 at 1.5 million units, whereas the company is expecting to sell just shy of 4.8 million units in November 2023. The total for October, November, and December comes in at an impressive 10.5 million units predicted to be sold for the console giant.

In part, the high sale numbers are thanks to the new PlayStation 5 model that will feature a detachable disc drive, which is expected to hit shelves in September 2023. The new model is forecasted to sell 18.5 million units in FY23, meaning only around 12 million units of the “classic” PS5 will be sold before it ceases production entirely during the year.

As for when the new PlayStation 5 will be announced is anyone’s guess, but the production of the console kicks off in April 2023, so we’d anticipate there’s probably be an announcement around then.

FY23 forecasted numbers in conjunction with already sold units (and the 6.2 million forecasted to be sold before the end of FY22) suggest that Sony could have sold around 68 million consoles by the end of FY23. Although Sony still has a long way to go to beat PlayStation 2’s 155 million units sold, it will be within reaching distance of the PlayStation Portable which sold around 80 million units.

Disclaimer: Internal forecasts of sales are fluid and subject to change due to market changes.

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