Physical Copies of Redfall Won’t Include A Disc

Redfall disc

UPDATE: Bethesda has updated its website to state that the physical edition of the Xbox standard edition will come with a Blu-Ray disc.

“The physical retail version of the Redfall Xbox standard edition does come with a Blu-Ray disc. The Bite Back Upgrade can be purchased separately. Within the Bite Back Upgrade, you will find a code that grants you the Bite Back Upgrade in-game items. Owners of the Xbox physical version of Redfall who wish to buy the Bite Back Upgrade can do so either digitally or at participating retailers.”

“The physical retail version of the PC version does not come with a disc of the game. The Xbox standard edition is the only SKU that provides players with a physical disc of the game.”

If you still believe in the beauty of physical games, Redfall doesn’t appear to be the game for you. Bethesda has revealed that if you decide to buy a physical copy of Redfall, you won’t actually be getting a disc.

“The code contained in the physical PC copies of Redfall are Steam codes,” the support post says. “The physical Xbox copies of Redfall are Xbox Play Anywhere codes which can [be] played on both the Xbox Series X|S and the Microsoft Xbox App on PC.”

While it’s not unheard of for publishers to do this, it’s rare that first-party titles follow this method for standard editions. Many still prefer physical media for one reason or another. Selling copies in a store only to give the fans a code to download the game anyway is certain to sit wrong with players.

Not only do they not get the disc, but the game requires an always online connection just to even play it. That alone could pose a whole different set of issues down the line should the game not perform well enough for Microsoft or Bethesda.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Bethesda for comment on Redfall not coming with a disc with physical copies. Should a response be received, it will be added.

Redfall launches May 2 for the aforementioned Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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  1. You have zero clue what you’re talking about for an “iNsIdEr” gamely already confirmed a physical copy is coming because that’s all they ship. Found the soft beta Sony cuck.

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  3. You’re as bad as regular news why don’t you get your facts before you try and print a story just because you want to be first report it

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