Atomic Heart Gameplay Streamed Early on Twitch

Atomic Heart isn’t set to release until February 21st, but that hasn’t stopped at least one over-eager streamer from breaking the embargo to stream Atomic Heart gameplay live on Twitch.

Masked Twitch streamer Mazziveric went live today to start playing through the dystopian sci-fi FPS. He showed off the game’s storyline and gameplay in live footage watchable well ahead of next week’s release date.

The stream itself was titled as if early access had been given to the game, but it clearly wasn’t officially supported by developer Mundfish. Within an hour of going live, the stream was taken down and the channel was replaced by a message informing that content was removed at the request of the copyright holder.

Naturally, the internet moves far faster than copyright claims, and footage of the game’s early stages is now out in the wilds. Those wanting to pick up Atomic Heart next week and play the game without spoilers should take heed. It’s likely that gameplay captured from the stream will appear across social media in the coming days until release, so adjust those mute tags now if you’re looking to escape any unwanted extra details.

But if you are eager to see some raw, unedited footage, you can check out an unlisted video of 14 minutes of Atomic Heart gameplay below:

Atomic Heart is set in a dystopian future in which the Soviet Union survived the Cold War. Coming to dominate scientific progress, the union led to the invention of a vast number of robotic machines for domestic, industrial, and militaristic purposes. 

Shockingly, things have gone very wrong in the game’s world. Said robots are now aggressive, loose, and need to be put down. Atomic Heart features BioShock-style body modifications that grant the player a variety of superhuman abilities as they battle machines and explore the semi-open world.

This isn’t the first leak that Atomic Heart has suffered. Last month saw 14 minutes of gameplay footage crop up online.

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