Microsoft Reveals PC Game Pass Friend Referral Scheme

pc game pass

Microsoft has revealed an all-new friend referral scheme that’ll allow existing subscribers to offer five of their friends a 14-day trial for PC Game Pass. There are some caveats to the deal, but it essentially means that you can grant your friends free access to the entire PC Game Pass library for a two-week period and allow them to enjoy all that the service has to offer.

Not only that, but it’ll give them access to all the other games currently piggybacking off the Game Pass ecosystem, such as EA’s library and the Riot Games collection. This news comes a little more than a month after Microsoft confirmed that the ‘$1 Game Pass deal’ had ended.

How To Give a Friend a Free PC Game Pass Trial

On the Game Pass home screen, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers will see the option to ‘Give PC Game Pass’ to five of their friends. Or to their enemies – we don’t know what you’ll do with these offers – it’s entirely up to you.

There’s one major caveat to the offer, and that’s that the user accepting the free PC Game Pass trial absolutely must be totally new to the service. This is a new-user-only kind of deal, and it can’t be used to give one person ten weeks of free PC Game Pass.

Once redeemed, the clock will begin counting down, and it’s up to the recipient to take advantage of the two-week window. Perhaps they’ll install the new (and poorly performing) Redfall, or maybe they’ll take Fallout 76 for a spin to determine for themselves if it’s actually worth playing.

Who knows, at the end of the two-week window, PC Game Pass may have earned another subscriber. That’s what the free trial is for, after all…

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