You Can Play Payday 3 This Weekend – Here’s How

payday 3 open beta

It has been announced that there’s an open beta taking place for Payday 3 this weekend ahead of the game’s full release later this month. It’s a tantalising prospect for those eager to dive into the long-awaited game, and during the open beta, an entire heist will be available to explore – ‘No Rest For The Wicked’.

It can be played on a loop across all difficulties, and although there are level caps, they’re substantial for a beta. That means that you can wrap the mission back over and over again, getting a real, solid taste of the upcoming game.

Payday 3’s Open Beta Runs 8th – 11th September

There isn’t long to wait until the full game is released on September 21st, but any form of early access is an exciting prospect for the fans who have been waiting for this game for several years.

During the open beta, players will get access to the content that was made playable during last month’s closed beta, but again, it won’t be made available for users on PlayStation. It’ll be made playable for those on Steam and Xbox consoles – the reasons for which weren’t explained, but it could be tied to PlayStation’s lack of an insider programme.

Here’s the announcement message from PLAION:

In recent news, some bad press surfaced around the Payday 3 project when it was revealed that the game would be ‘online only’, which disappointed some fans. This news came just days after extensive gameplay leaks occurred, with large segments of Payday 3 being uploaded and streamed online from the closed beta.

Are you going to be taking part in Payday 3’s open beta?

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