Starfield Surpassed 2 Million Players in Early Access, Data Claims

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It has been claimed through ‘user data sampling’ that more than two million players threw themselves into the wide, open expanse of Starfield during early access. That was a period reserved exclusively for those who purchased the Premium and Constellation Edition of Bethesda’s all-new space epic, suggesting stunning sales milestones have already been secured.

Big Numbers Will Get Bigger

This data comes from PlayTracker on Twitter, who stressed that the data they’ve obtained comes in ‘with a delay’, and a few days after Starfield has released globally – today, actually – we’ll have a better picture of just how many people are playing Starfield.

For now, we’ve got the estimated breakdown of players that logged into Starfield during early access, and across both Steam and Xbox, it’s a whopping figure sitting at more than two million users. On Steam, the concurrent player count peaked at around a quarter of a million, so the numbers here are easily believable.

If this data is accurate, it could mean that Bethesda Game Studios has hit sizeable sales milestones – it would have been at least $100 out of the pockets of every single one of those users paying for the advantage of getting access to Starfield five days earlier than the rest of the world waiting patiently for the global launch that’s taking place today, September 6th.

Were you one of those early-access users?

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  1. All you need is Gamepass and pay for Premium edition upgrade. I did that, so I paid only ~40$ to play early.

    1. Yes this, not every premium was someone paying at least $100 for the game, many could have paid much less.

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