These Are The Best Star Wars Ships Created in Starfield

Starfield has only been released a few days in early access and already the community has been showing off its creativity with a huge selection of mods to improve the quality of the game, recreating their favorite ships, and even stuffing 20,000 potatoes into the cargo hold because why not? Bethesda games have always been very open sandboxes for players to craft the experience they want to have with the game and Starfield is no exception.

In order to explore the hundreds of planets across the Starfield universe you’re going to need a ship. Thankfully you have one at your disposal and you can also customize it to your liking to increase its cargo capacity and the amount of crew members you can have on board. Naturally, it didn’t take players long to start recreating iconic ships from various entertainment franchises. Star Wars features some of the most iconic ships including the Millennium Falcon and the X-Wing, piloted by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker respectively. 

Over on the r/StarfieldShips sub-Reddit, players have been sharing their creations and we are very impressed with how creative they have been in order to recreate these iconic ships. Reddit user FudgieBrown shared his creation of the X-Wing which looks very accurate. Sadly the wings don’t open into the X shape but it is still true to the movies. They also uploaded a tutorial to YouTube where they shared the process for creating it, claiming it cost approximately 60,000 credits. You can check out the full tutorial here.

Continuing with the Star Wars theme, Embarrassed-Ad1077 recreated the Millennium Falcon and it is surprising how accurate they were able to make it, with the accurate cockpit position too. Sadly there is no tutorial included for this creation.

Other great recreations include the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, Halo’s Pelican, and another Star Wars-themed ship, this time the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic.