18 Minutes of Raw Payday 3 Gameplay Leaked Online

payday 3 leak

Payday 3 is set to be released on September 21st, 2023 – and right now, fans are eagerly scouring the internet for any signs of fresh content to show what might be coming. There’s plenty out there, but that doesn’t mean more can’t keep appearing – and hours ago, an 18-minute-long video of raw gameplay footage was leaked online by a Vietnamese content creator.

In this unedited clip, we see pure, unadulterated Payday 3 content in all its glory, as the player attempts to undertake a bank heist – but starts failing miserably in the first few minutes. As the gameplay unfolds, the creator appears to be talking to people live, answering questions (in English) as he goes.

It’s Payday, Boys

It’s an exciting gameplay video, that’s for sure. In the 18 minutes that the creator is playing, we see high-octane gunplay featuring a wide array of weapons, a desperate clash with heavily-armed police forces, and the classic multiplayer mechanics that the series became known for more than ten years ago.

As the creator explores the bank map and mission he’s (likely going to get in trouble for) streaming, he parts ways with a few tidbits of information. He explains that the classic custody feature is returning, for example. This is where hostages can be exchanged for players arrested and held in custody by the police. He talks about there being eight heights planned for after launch, and references that more will be added further down the line, stating that Payday 2 has ‘eighteen heists’.

It’s as classic a Payday game as we could have hoped for – and for the most part, we knew that from what has already been revealed, but this leak goes one step further in showing us pure, unrestricted content.

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