Payday 3 Developers Explain Launch, Reveal New Content In Update Video

Payday 3 update

Starbreeze, the developers of Payday 3, have put up a video addressing the game’s poor launch and its plans for future updates to the game.

Lead producer Andreas Häll-Penninger kicked things off by explaining what happened, what the company had to do, and what is being done to prevent issues like this from popping up in the future.

“A lot of you want to know why this happened and what we’ve done to make sure we don’t end up in this situation again,” Häll-Penninger said. “To make a long, complicated, and technical story short, we found a critical error in our backend update pipeline just after the game went live.”

He continued: “As a result of this, there was a significant risk that any update we made could affect the player saves and progression. We had to ensure that the test environment functioned as intended before we could proceed with publishing the update. We have no reason to want to delay updates for this long.

It was frustrating for both us and you, the players, that the launch went the way it did. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure that our updates will not cause more problems than they fix. Thank you for continuing to support us and playing Payday 3.”

In addition to the message about the launch from Häll-Penninger, the first free content update for Payday 3 was revealed. The update features two returning heists from Payday 2, Cook-Off and Murky Station.

Häll-Penninger said that the team did make changes to the heists to make them work within Payday 3, but they “aren’t going to make the heist less recognizable.”

On top of the legacy heists, the Transporter skill line is also coming via the free content update. The skill line will allow players to intimidate civilians just by carrying a body as well as let them carry two bags at once.

There’s no release date yet for the content update, only the promise that it’s “coming soon”.