Sega’s ‘Super Game’ Has a Lot of Focus on “User Generated Content”

In a new interview with CNBC, Sega’s Chief Operating Officer Shuji Utsumi provided a bit more information on what to expect with Sega’s ‘Super Game’.

During its last earnings call, Utsumi revealed that the company’s first ‘Super Game’ is aiming for a release by the end of the “fiscal year ending March 2026”.  “As the name implies, a ‘Super Game’ involves the concept of a game that stands head and shoulders above normal games”, he said.

In the new interview with CNBC, Utsumi shed some more light on what the ‘Super Game’ entails. “Super Game is not just a game, when we introduced that name there was a big of buzz about the Metaverse, it’s not exactly Metaverse, so we tried to figure out what is the right word, so we came up with the name called ‘Super Game’.”

Utsumi continued, “It’s not only a game, but also community, user-generated content, and a new way of having fun with games.”

The new comments start to build a vivid picture of what we could expect this new ‘Super Game’ to entail, with Utsumi’s last comments in the earnings call saying that the new ‘Super Game’ “builds a whole worldview involving the entire gaming ecosystem, including not only players but also streamers who stream the game and their viewers”.

His new comments have led more people to begin speculating that it’s likely going to be Sega’s version of Roblox, or Fortnite, which have both relied on user-generated content.

It’s currently unclear if the new ‘Super Game’ will leverage Sega’s existing IPs like Sonic the Hedgehog and with a release date still several years away, it might be a while until we find out more details.

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