Palworld’s Multiplayer Arena Mode Teased For 2024

palworld arena

In the shortest teaser trailer ever published (not really), Pocketpair has revealed the ‘Pal Arena’, the multiplayer-focused battle mode coming to Palworld later in 2024. Not much was shown in the trailer – which lasted just 15 seconds – aside from a little combat with players fighting alongside a squad of carefully chosen Pals.

It’s Something

Palworld has dropped off the radar slightly but remains a popular enough title since breaking records in January. It may have seen a plummeting player count on platforms like Steam, but that’s not entirely a bad thing and it’s to be expected. There’s still plenty of potential wrapped up in Pocketpair’s sensational open-world monster-catching title, though.

This year, Palworld’s Arena mode – which is aptly named ‘Palworld Arena’ – will come to the platform. That much was revealed in the super-short teaser trailer, which you can see below:

That’s it. That’s the news.

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  1. This is good but they really should have someone make an anime adaption of this it would take this to a whole new level.

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